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    Loftis Production Services—the premier styling company for Orlando, Tampa and the South Florida area. And no matter what your style…we've got what it takes to suit it perfectly. We've got experience and expertise in: styling, image consultation, personal shopping and wedding day preperation.

  • Who We Are

    With over 21 years experience costuming for a major Florida Theme Park, transitioning into a Wardrobe Stylist was a natural progression for Lori. She has worked with some of the best designers, photographers, videographers’, art directors, model and acting talents around,…adopting some of their tricks and coming up with some of her very own along the way.

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  • Our Service

    You know how it goes... You have an idea that's your brightest ever. You know exactly what you want and when you want it. But how do you achieve it? That's easy. You call Loftis Production Services. We'll make sure that the wardrobe for your project matches your vision in every way, shape and form. We'll shop it, prep it, dress it, style it and strike it—all according to the specifications and visual approval of you, our valued client.

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