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Lori Loftis Productions

We are the premiere styling company for Orlando, Tampa and South Florida. Regardless of your personal style, our eye for fashion can help complement it perfectly. Our expertise in styling, image consulting, personal shopping and wedding day preparation enables us to cultivate trends and create unforgettable looks.

We are your comprehensive head-to-toe style service. We work on big production photography shoots and film sets, but we also go beyond the exclusive celebrity and fashion magazine settings to bring distinct style to anyone for any occasion. Regardless of age, size or budget, we want to empower you to look and feel your best.

About Lori Loftis

With over 21 years experience costuming for a major Florida Theme Park, transitioning into a Wardrobe Stylist was a natural progression for Lori. She has worked with some of the best designers, photographers, videographers’, art directors, model and acting talents around. She has learned tricks and honed her skills along the way to deliver a mindful styling practice.


Lori has been part of the production crew that achieved a Golden Addy Award in 1997 for a 30-second commercial spot. In 2005 and 2013 she supported the wardrobe for a daytime television show that was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Best Daytime Special. Lori was the wardrobe stylist for each of the moms on Mom’s Homeroom. The MSN & Kellogg’s, Full and Focused campaign webisodes were awarded the 2010 Effie Award.


Whether it’s a ten-week marketing campaign, a ten-hour commercial shoot or two hours steaming and preparing a wedding gown, you’re guaranteed the highest caliber of professionalism from Lori, all accompanied by a positive attitude and warm smile. In addition to having invaluable fabric and garment knowledge, Lori is known for being a quick thinker and an efficient problem solver who’s an asset to any crew she’s a part of.

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